Terrence Bud Crawford put in another highly impressive display on Saturday night in Madison Square, New York. As he again demonstrated his unique mixture of slick boxing. Superior movement and concussive punching power to more or less put on a clinic, beating Felix Diaz into submission forcing the corner to call it quits at the end of the 10th round. 

I was again really impressed by Crawford’s work who fought southpaw for much of the fight, mostly at distance and when Diaz got up close Crawford would unleash some blisteringly quick punches to stop the Dominican Republic fighter in his tracks. 

Before the fight, Diaz had only lost one of his 20 fights and that was a majority decision defeat to Lamont Peterson in 2015. Although he did not have many big names on his record he was no slouch, known to be a good, very strong, credible fighter who was also durable. But Crawford’s slick, technical boxing took him apart and Felix in the end looked outclassed and exposed. 

I would even go so far to say that Crawford made it look easy and didn’t get out of third gear to retain his WBC, WBO light welterweight titles. 

The problem with Crawford is, I don’t think he gets enough credit he deserves. He is that good. This is why he now needs to step it up and only take super fights. Which in my opinion could be difficult while he is promoted by Bob Arum who is not one of my favourite….Actually I would go so far to say in the top three of least favourite characters. in boxing.

Ever since Crawford came over to England in 2014 and outclassed Ricky Burns in Glasgow, Scotland, to take the WBO lightweight belt from the Scotsman, and made it look easy. I predicted he would be a top p4p contender.

He cemented his pedigree in his next two fights. First taking on the super exciting Gamboa, stopping him in rip-roaring 9 rounds. Then his next fight a unanimous points victory over a strong, Ray Beltran, another fighter I feel does not get the credit he deserves and Crawford’s points victory which was in the end comfortable, was again over looked.

Speaking of which. His unification bout against the then WBC, unbeaten champ Vikor Postol. Was also overlooked in my opinion, due to how easy he made the flight, in a landslide points victory. Due to the easy nature of the victory, many questioned Postal pedigree instead of marvelling in Crawford’s brilliance. 

So again, this is why suprfights and only superfights are needed for Crawford.

Previously I stated he had to move up to get a real superfight, with the likes of Thurman which could be huge. But Thurman now has a elbow injury and will be out for some months.

For obvious reasons, now the possibility of a unification fight with WBA and IBF light welterweight champion Julius Indongo, for all the marbles has to be the most logic route. 

But even with that carrot dangling over his head, I feel Crawford has to go for a fight with Pacquiao. They are both promoted by Bob Arum. Pacquiao is not getting any younger and imagine him defeating Pacquiao in a better or more spectacular fashion than Mayweather. Though many cynics would say it was an old Pacquiao, it would really thrust him in upper echelons of the p4p list. 

Crawford, like very few real top fighters has this knack at taking very good fighters and making them look ordinary. I feel he could do this to Indongo, which makes the prospect of winning all four belts in his weight, something that’s rarely seen these days in boxing, a mouth-watering one. 

But in truth, I feel a fight with Pacquiao is needed sooner rather than later for Crawford to get some real respect in the boxing world.

Don’t get me wrong, I have heard many boxing purist and fans give Crawford credit and recognise his undoubted skills. I know a lot mention him in the top ten p4p pound list.

But even with that credit, I still feel his raw talent and ability and even position in boxing is not fully appreciated and it will take a stunning victory over the likes of Pacquiao, old or not, or the first boxer in some years to claim all four recognised titles for him to be recognised in the brackets he should be.